Welcome to the ECOLE Project!

The ECOLE Project is a space that facilitates a culture of sustainability at McGill University and in surrounding communities through research, teaching, experimentation, intentional living practices, and collaboration between student and community groups. We are a central space that integrates the many projects related to environmental sustainability on campus.  ECOLE provides a home for interdisciplinary applied student research, brings together the Milton Parc and McGill communities, and serves as a focal point and meeting space for sustainability projects and groups. After three years under development, the ECOLE Project launched in September 2014 at 3559 University Street. ECOLE builds its operations on three main pillars:

Living: Eight ECOLE facilitators live at 3559 University Street and facilitate a community space centered on:

  • Materially sustainable living (compost, energy use, carbon footprint)
  • Socially sustainable living (collective living, anti-oppressive practices)

Learning: ECOLE promotes interdisciplinary applied student research (ASR) by being:

  • An inclusive site for research and experimentation
  • A space for educational workshops and community events
  • A participatory example of urban sustainable living
  • A developer of resources and guidelines for students interested in ASR

Community Building: The ECOLE house acts as a hub for the McGill and Montreal sustainability communities by:

  • Connecting multiple stakeholders of the university in the pursuit of sustainable living
  • Providing space, resources, and networks for sustainability organizing at McGill and in the Milton Parc neighbourhood
  • Linking the McGill and Milton-Parc communities through projects and events

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