ECOLE seeks to promote active and engaged learning and research inside and outside of the classroom through applied student research, providing space for educational workshops and community events, and being a participatory example of urban sustainable living.

Applied Student Research (ASR):  Applied Student Research is designed to give students the opportunity to take research into their own hands and address real-life issues.  Students are the directors of their own research, choosing a topic that interests them and conducting research in that field with the goals of both gaining a greater understanding and coming up with action-oriented solutions.

ECOLE’s eight student facilitators will be conducting their own applied student research projects centered on social and material sustainability, in collaboration with professors, McGill staff, and community organizations in the Milton Parc neighbourhood.  They will also be organizing events to promote ASR on campus and provide opportunities for students, staff, and community members alike to share their research and experiential knowledge.

Learn more about ASR on McGill’s website at http://www.mcgill.ca/sustainability/education/applied-student-research

Space for Workshop and Events:   A major component of the ECOLE Project is providing space on campus for knowledge-sharing and community-building.  With a large common room, kitchen, and dining room, ECOLE has plenty of space for meetings, educational workshops, potlucks, and other events that are centered on social and material sustainability.  Check our calendar of events on the right-side column to see what’s upcoming at ECOLE, or to book our space, send us an email at ecoleproject@gmail.com.

Exploring Urban Sustainable Living: ECOLE seeks to be a participatory example of urban sustainable living in Montréal.  The eight student facilitators will be exploring the meaning of living sustainably both socially (e.g. anti-oppressive practices, consensus-based decision-making) and materially (e.g. waste management, reduced energy usage).  As ECOLE is a community space as well as a living space, they will both seek input from community members and share their lessons learned for others to apply and build upon.


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