Learn more about the ECOLE Project — read our featured newspaper articles, radio interviews, and television segments!  ECOLE’s media contacts can be reached by email at


McGill Daily – “Arts councillors discuss communal student spaces:  AUS voices support for ECOLE project and QPIRG McGill fee increase”

McGill Daily – “Writing outside of the classroom:  Ink Movement Montreal provides workshop opportunities for aspiring authors”

McGill Daily – “Radical community research:  reflections on alternative research through the lens of healthcare”

McGill Daily – “Turning the page on education”

McGill Daily – “Simplified standing rules to drafted for Winter GA”

McGill Daily – “Still I Rise & Screening of Just Eat It”

McGill Daily – “Science undergraduates support ECOLE”

McGill Tribune – “The McGill Space Race”

McGill Daily – “Sustainable living project launches despite years of rejected funding:  ECOLE initiative receives positive feedback from residents”

McGill Daily – “Year in Review”

McGill Tribune – “Why McGill Needs ECOLE”

McGill Daily – “Sustainable Student Living Project Funded”

Bull and Bear – “A Student Run Initiative Aims to Transform a McGill Residence by September 2014” 

McGill Tribune – “Sustainable Student Living Project to Launch in Fall 2014”

McGill Daily – “SSMU Talks Sustainability at Second Meeting”


CBC Radio Interview with Coordinator Lily Schwarzbaum

Panel Discussion of Environmental Campus Groups with the McGill Daily


Canal Savoir – Sustainability at McGill

Sustainability Projects Fund – The ECOLE Launch


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