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The ECOLE Project is run by the dedicated members of the ECOLE Collective, who do everything from organizing events and doing outreach to researching funding and visioning for the future of ECOLE.  Members typically join one or more of our three sub-committees (Programming, Outreach, and Finance) to dig deep into the project and build skills in an area that particularly interests them.  The Collective includes our eight student facilitators living in the ECOLE house and any community members interested in being actively involved in the project. If you are interested in joining us or learning more, email us at, or drop by our Collective Meetings, Mondays at 6 p.m. at the ECOLE House (3559 rue University) — all are welcome!  (More accessibility information is available on our Accessibility Page , please email to let us know if there are things we can do make meetings more accessible for you, such as meeting at a different location.)

Facilitators IMG_9067

Eight upper-year McGill students live at ECOLE, exploring questions of urban sustainability and testing out different living practices with the guidance and input of other ECOLE community members.  Their goal is to shape a model of urban sustainable living that all participating in ECOLE can be a part of, and to share their lessons learned with the broader McGill, Milton Parc, and Montréal communities so we can build a more sustainable city.  Facilitators also each undertake an applied student research project on a topic of material and/or social sustainability.  Learn more on our Living page.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is responsible for ensuring that ECOLE fulfills its legal and financial responsibilities as a provincially incorporated not-for-profit organization, as well as provide institutional supports for the project. The Board is made up of four McGill University students, three to four McGill University staff, and one to four community members.

This year’s Board members were elected at our Annual General Meeting on November 05, 2014.

Students:  Ayesha Talreja, Kareem Ibrahim, Kathleen Bradley, Sevrenne Sheppard

Staff:  Anurag Dhir, Jana Luker, Julia Freeman, Julia Solomon

Community Members:  Hélène Brisson, Raphael Roman, Robin Reid-Fraser


ECOLE has two Project Co-Coordinators who manage the day-to-day operations of the project. Their responsibilities include coordinating internal logistics, seeking long-term funding, doing outreach and promotions, establishing and growing relationships with key stakeholders, supporting the ECOLE facilitators and ECOLE collective, communicating with the Board of Directors, and ensuring institutional memory for the project.  If you have questions for us, please don’t hesitate to get in touch at


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