ecole hiring image[DEADLINE EXTENDED! You may still apply by WEDNESDAY OCTOBER 28th at MIDNIGHT]

The ECOLE project is hiring a live-in facilitator for the Winter 2016 semester (Jan. – April). Applications are open now to McGill students from any faculty or department.

**This is a special circumstance where we are hiring a facilitator for one semester only, 2016/2017 facilitator applications will open in late winter/early spring!**

~What is ECOLE?~

ECOLE is a space which aspires to facilitate a culture of sustainability at McGill University and its surrounding communities through applied research, alternative education, experimentation, intentional living practices, and collaboration with student and community groups. ECOLE exists by the McGill community, for the McGill community.

The ECOLE house provides a home for student research and community engagement, and acts as a focal point and meeting space for sustainability projects and groups.

After three years under development, the ECOLE Project launched in September 2014 at 3559 University Street. ECOLE builds its operations on three main pillars: Living, Learning, and Community Building.

We regret that ECOLE is not currently wheelchair accessible.

~What is the role of a facilitator at ECOLE?~

ECOLE is run by four non-hierarchical bodies:

Board of Directors: 12 students, faculty, staff, and community members who ensure the fulfillment of ECOLE’s legal and financial obligations as a registered not-for-profit, as well as providing institutional support.

Collective: the dedicated group of folks who run the ECOLE project, from organizing events and coordinating outreach, to researching funding and visioning the future of ECOLE. Members typically work under one of six portfolios (Programming, Internal, External, Communications, Finances, and Applied Student Research).

Coordinators: 2 paid staff who oversee the logistics of the ECOLE project. Coordinators ensure the effective, timely, and accessible execution of ECOLE’s activities and provide support to the Facilitators and Collective.

Facilitators (you!): Upper-year McGill students who live at ECOLE, explore questions of sustainability and test out different living practices with the guidance and input of other ECOLE community members. Their ongoing role is to shape a model of intentional urban sustainable living and to share lessons-learned with the McGill, Milton Parc, and Montreal communities. Each facilitator also undertakes an applied student research project on a topic of material and/or social sustainability (the format of which is flexible to facilitators’ interests, skills, hope & dreams, etc!)


As an ECOLE Facilitator, your responsibilities include:
– Living in the ECOLE house (with 9 co-Facilitators) between January and April 2016 (rent is subsidized))
– Proposing and carrying out a supervised applied student research (ASR) project (for academic credit if desired or possible)
– Facilitating the house as a community space and contribute to day-to-day maintenance and upkeep
– Working with Coordinators, other Facilitators, Collective, and Board members to advance the vision of ECOLE
– Actively working to increase material, social, and economic sustainability* in the house and greater community.
*material (waste, energy use), social (collective living, anti oppressive practices), economic (financial coordination, budgeting)
– Developing and/or facilitating educational workshops and community events
– Participating in the ECOLE house as a “living laboratory” and an ongoing experiment/example of urban sustainable living
– Working to bridge gaps between the McGill and Milton-Parc communities through projects, events, and partnerships


Facilitators and Collective members work within one of six portfolio. This position is specifically for a Facilitator working within the External portfolio. The additional responsibilities of this position include:

– Creating connections, facilitating collaborative projects, and fostering long-lasting partnerships with campus groups (such as MOOS, SEDE, and SSMU), other universities, and Montreal community groups
– Participation in the development of the McGill sustainability community
– Coordination with and reach out to student groups to further ECOLE as an active community space
– Coordination with the Milton-Parc community to ensure partnership and engagement between community members and students
– Actively gathering reflections and feedback from community and collaboration with ECOLE members to enact changes.

What attributes are we looking for?

We are looking for people with a range of experience and skills, including the following:
– Good organizational and interpersonal communication skills
– Self directed, adaptable
– Understanding and appreciation of issues of equity and diversity
– Intersectional and personalized understanding of sustainability
– Comfortable with realities of position (time commitment, co-operative living in a community space)
– Creative thinking and problem-solving!

Let us know if you have any of these assets, specific skills, or experiences:
– Working proficiency of French and English
– Previous knowledge of ECOLE or other sustainability organizations/projects/networks on campus
– Research skills/experience
– Understanding of McGill administrative structures and policies
– Valid drivers’ license and access to a vehicle
– Experience in a collective and/or intentional living environment
– Graphics or design skills

To apply to be an ECOLE Facilitator for January – April 2016:
– Complete an application form– link here
– Email your CV to, and
– Email us your responses to the below questions in either written or video format!
1. Tell us about yourself in under 100 words or less than 30 seconds
2. Why do you want to be a facilitator at ECOLE? What aspect(s) of the project are you most interested in? (250 words/2 minutes)
3. What will you contribute to the ECOLE project as a facilitator? (250 words/2 minutes)
4. What are your other expected committments for the Winter 2016 semester? (100 words/30 seconds)

Please include “Facilitator Application Winter 2016” in the subject line. For the videos, we suggest including Dropbox links, or links to unlisted YouTube videos. Written responses can be attached as PDFs. It helps us if you include your CV and responses in the same email, but not required. Shortlisted candidates will be contacted for interviews the week of October 26th, 2015.

Submit all three elements of your application by Wednesday, October 28th, 2015, at 11:59pm [NEW DEADLINE].

Interviews for shortlisted candidates will take place on Friday October 30 and/or Monday November 2nd (dates negotiable in case of conflict).

For more information on ECOLE, browse the rest of this website or join our Facebook group ( or search “ECOLE collective”)