Cinéma ECOLE

// About CINÉMA ÉCOLE //
CINÉMA ÉCOLE is a sustainability film and discussion series organized by ECOLE. It takes place bi-weekly on Thursday evenings at the ECOLE house and strives to be a space for informal discussion and real talk about sustainability.



Image description:  Film poster for “Honour your word” with the title of the film done in the style of a wampum belt.


Cinéma ECOLE is back and ringing in the new year with a screening of “Honour Your Word”  Watch the trailer online and join us Thursday, January 22 (time t.b.d.) at the ECOLE house for tasty snacks and a great discussion!

Honour Your Word is an intimate portrait of life behind the barricades for the Algonquins of Barriere Lake, an inspiring First Nation whose dignity and courage contrast sharply with the political injustice they face. The title refers to their campaign slogan demanding Canada and Quebec honour a precedent-setting conservation deal signed in 1991. Director Martha Stiegman spent four years shooting this poetic, heartfelt documentary that challenges stereotypes of “angry Indians.” Honour Your Word juxtaposes starkly contrasting landscapes—the majesty of the bush, a dramatic highway stand-off against a riot squad, daily life within the confines of the reserve—to reveal the spirit of a people for whom blockading has become a part of their way of life, a life rooted in the forest they are defending.  For information on Barriere Lake:


Life After Growth. (December 04, 2014) “Many have been pointing out that our current economic system is leading us to an environmental and social catastrophe. “Life After Growth” begins to point to the people and communities who are looking for ways out. These are the pioneers who are rethinking the role of economics in our lives, and are engaging in different types of economic activity, right now. ” Watch it free online.

Disruption, (November 13, 2014)  This 53-minute documentary film takes us behind the scenes of the efforts to organize the largest climate rally in history, The People’s Climate March in NYC September 2014. Watch it free online.


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