The ECOLE house aspires to be a hub for the McGill and Montreal sustainability communities by connecting faculty, staff, and students in the pursuit of sustainable living; providing space, resources, and networks; and linking the McGill and Milton-Parc communities through projects and events.

Over the past three years, ECOLE has developed strong and supportive relationships with the McGill community:

  • Students Society of McGill University (SSMU): Funding for two project coordinators from May 2013-January 2014
  • Student Housing and Hospitality Services (SHHS): Lease of 3559 Rue University, a former MORE Residence building, to ECOLE residents
  • Sustainability Projects Fund (SPF): Pilot year funding of $94,000 for our space rental, staff salaries, and miscellaneous activities, in addition to institutional support and guidance
  • McGill Office of Sustainability (MOOS):  Collaborations with the Applied Student Research (ASR) interns to promote ASR among students and to establish a pool of supervisory professors

ECOLE is ongoing conversations with on-campus organizations and offices including SSMU, SHHS, MOOS, Teaching and Learning Service (TLS), Student Services, the Québec Public Interest Research Group at McGill  (QPIRG-McGill) and the Social Equity and Diversity Education (SEDE) Office. ECOLE is also working with the Milton Parc Citizens Committee (MPCC) to create stronger connections between the McGill and Milton Parc communities.


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