ECOLE is a multi-faceted and ever-expanding project!  We’re always looking for folks to join us with fresh ideas, interests, perspectives, and passions.  There are many ways of getting involved, and we are always open to suggestions!  To learn more, join our low-volume list-serv, or get involved, send us an email at

Join the ECOLE Collective: This amazing group of students is involved in every aspect of ECOLE, from organizing events at the house to doing on-campus outreach to steering the long-term direction of the project.  It’s a great way to get to know ECOLE in-depth and learn new skills, too! Email us or find us on Facebook (search “ECOLE Collective”) to learn more, or check out this calendar of  meeting dates:

Join a Portfolio: If you want to work on particular aspects of project management, join on of our five Portfolios, each of which strategically manages an aspect of the Project. The Portfolios are Programming, Communications, External, Internal, and Finances & Funding. Meeting dates and times are listed in the calendar above. All are welcome at any Portfolio meeting.

Join our Board of Directors:  Our Board of Directors meets approximately six times a year, aiding ECOLE in managing our legal, fiscal, and logistical responsibilities. Learn more about the Board of Directors on our “Governance” page under the “About us” tab.

Do an applied student research (ASR) project:  ASR is research that is intended to be put into action.  Each ECOLE facilitator is working on an ASR project related to sustainability at McGill & in Milton Parc.  If you have ideas for your own project and want advice and support, or if you have tons of experience in ASR and want to guide other students, let us know!

Supervise an applied student research project:  Some of our students are doing ASR for academic credit and looking for professor supervisors, while others are doing research separate from their studies and seeking staff mentors to support and guide their research.  Many of our student facilitators are also doing research centred within the Milton Parc community and pairing with organizations within the neighbourhood.  Your insights, experiences, and ideas are extremely important and appreciated!  We would love to add you to our growing list of professors, staff, and community members interested in supervising and supporting ASR projects relevant to their own interests and work.

Use our space: Our common space is open to members of the McGill and Milton Parc community for meetings, workshops, presentations, potlucks & meals, and more!  ECOLE seeks to bring professors, staff,  students, and community members together for collective learning and teaching.  If you have research, skills, experiences, or discussions you would like to share outside of the classroom or office, propose a workshop or presentation! Email us at  to tell us your idea and confirm the availability of the space.  *Please note, the ECOLE House is unfortunately not wheelchair accessible.  Our building has recently been audited for accessibility and we will post more details about the accessibility of the house as soon as possible.

Spread the word:  Tell your friends, classmates, co-workers, professors, everyone about ECOLE.  As a new and growing project, we are eager to share the news as widely as possible!  Like our page on Facebook and follow us on Twitter (@ECOLEProject).


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